Top 7 Delta-8 THC Flowers

Top 7 Delta 8 THC Flower Strains | CBD Direct Solution

The best Delta-8 hemp flower for you will depend on when and why you plan on using it. Customer experiences vary heavily between different strains. To address those differences, we are covering seven of the best delta-8 flowers you can buy.

The Top Seven Delta-8 Flower Strains

Strain #1: OG Kush (Indica) Strain - The Original King

Delta 8 Flower - OG Kush (Indica) | CBD Direct Solution

OG Kush is one of the original strains under Delta-9 THC. However, you can find it anywhere as a unique Indica strain with a bit of history.

Depending on who you ask, OG stands for Ocean Grown, Original Grower, or Original Gangster. Regardless of what you believe, it is one of the original strains that everyone knows about.

It dates back to the early '90s and was born in Nothern California. This hybrid is known to have an excellent combined body and head effect. It is primarily Sativa, creating a superb combo effect of relaxing and energizing.

People use it for all sorts of benefits that include depression treatment, stress relief, and anxiety reducer. It is one of the most used strains in the world. 

Most users of this strain typically feel hungry, as this is an appetite improver. So if you are looking to put some munchies away during the weekend, OG Kush is your best friend.


  • Great for late nights and weekends
  • Many customers describe its use for multiple medical problems
  • It is one of the original marijuana strains with the most fame


  • Best for late-night use
  • Not as a cerebral high

Strain #2: Afghan Goo (Indica) Strain - Sticky and Effective

Delta 8 Flower - Afghan Goo (Indica) | CBD Direct Solution

Afghan Goo is also known as Afgooey, who earns its name given how sticky each nug is. The resin that coats this strain makes it legendary and sweet in flavors.

It is fruity among this variety of strains, making it one of the more present flavors to pick. Afghan Goo is famous in use with Delta-8 gummies due to this natural flavor profile.

Afghan Goo is one of the few strains that can work both ways for more experienced users.

In small doses, this strain is excellent as a mood lifter and creativity booster. In higher doses, this Indica-dominate strain is better known for creating a sleepy feeling.

Control can be picky, but those who master the legendary Afghooey can use its powers for various benefits.

Many users also state that it is excellent for chronic pain, depression, migraines, and headaches. Much like OG Kush, you can also use it as an appetite booster.


  • Awesome fruity flavor
  • Usable for multiple purposes
  • Great for use in baking and edibles


  • Not everyone likes sticky flavors
  • It makes you sleepy if you take too much (which might not be a bad thing)

Strain #3: Blue Dream (Sativa) Strain - Great for Feeling Better

Delta 8 CBD Flower - Blue Dream (Sativa) | CBD Direct Solution

Blue Dream is a combination of two classic strains: Blueberry and Haze. It is a Sativa-heavy strain with an 18% THC and lower-than-average CBD levels.

Blue Dream (also known as Azure Dream, depending on who you speak to) is unique in its origins. The only confirmation we have is that Blue Dream was in Northern California. Everything else regarding the source was lost in a haze or a "blue dream." 

The Blue Dream Delta-8 THC strain is best known for its natural treatment for nausea, depression, and chronic pain. The flavor is comparable to blueberries, indicated by the use of the Blueberry marijuana strain. 

Blue Dream is a weaker strain ideal for cannabis beginners. Regardless, its diverse effects are most suited for a weekend to fulfill the needs of recreational and medical users. 


Often used in medical treatments 

Great for beginners and veterans alike

One of the most well-known products in the cannabis industry


  • Not for those seeking an energizing feeling
  • Has several similar strains that can confuse (i.e., Double Dream, Blue Magoo, etc.)

Strain #4: Runtz (Hybrid) Strain - Rare and Sweet

Delta 8 CBD Flower - Runtz (Hybrid) | CBD Direct Solution

Runtz OG, usually just called Runtz, is a rare hybrid strain made by Cookies, a well-known cannabis brand. The name comes from its flavor resemblance to Runts candy, well known for being one of Willy Wonka's favorite yums. 

It is a combination of two other well-known strains: Zkittlez and Gelatto. Its popularity exploded in Colorado after its creation in Los Angeles. These days, you can find it in most of the fifty states as a Delta-8 strain due to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Unlike some milder options, Runts is known for creating potent psychoactive effects, which include euphoria.  Customers taking it describe a happy and uplifting feeling. Runtz is an excellent strain for boosting creativity, making it a sweet addition to the cannabis market.  

Given the rarity of this strain, those who want to use it will want to get it where they can. If you manage to get the chance to take Runtz, do so, it might be challenging to find your next Delta-8 THC flower. 


  • It has a sweet and creamy feel that is easy to smoke
  • The sweetness of this flavor gives it great crowd appeal
  • It encourages creative thoughts and happiness


  • Its popularity makes it hard to find 
  • Not everyone wants a euphoric feeling 

Strain #5: Mimosa (Hybrid) Strain - Sweet and Great for Feeling Good

Delta 8 CBD Flower - Mimosa (Hybrid) | CBD Direct Solution

Purple Mimosa, usually just called Mimosa, is one of the most effective uplifting strains out there. It's known for its intense citrus and fruit flavors, giving it the name of a fruity alcoholic beverage.

Unlike alcohol, the Mimosa strain will not put you to sleep or help with insomnia. Instead, Mimosa is famous for its use in the medicinal marijuana industry as a treatment against depression and stress. 

The strain is a combination of two strains: Clemintine or Purple Punch. Larger doses can make you feel sleepy and relaxed, making it a great combo punch for CBD effects. 

Others use it for treatment against ADD, ADHD, appetite loss, and migraines. Of course, there is no money-back guarantee on this strain, as you'll want to consult a medical professional before using anything on this list for treatment. 

Mimosa also has solid and earthy flavors that benefit from the quality of the dirt used. Working without chemical fertilizers and curing your buds can help improve your experience. 

You know if your buds taste like a mimosa, you've got a good strain. Check it out if you are looking for a good morning experience. 


  • Known for a variety of medical benefits 
  • One of the tastiest delta-8 products you can get
  • It can make you both sleepy and energized at different use levels


  • Not for people who do not like fruity flavors
  • It takes a bit more experience to know how much you need to take 

Strain #6: Girl Scout Cookie (Indica) Strain - Legendary and Potent

Delta 8 CBD Flower - Girl Scout Cookie (Indica) | CBD Direct Solution

Girl Scout Cookies are great when you get them from actual girl scouts. However, this hybrid marijuana strain is an excellent experience because of its combo of two of the best strains: OG Kush and Durban Poison. 

Given that OG Kush is our number one strain because of its classic appeal and relaxing feel, Durban Poison fulfills the other half by helping with that fantastic body relaxation feeling. 

The desert-based strain combines the sweet flavor of cookies with an earthy flavor. So if you are looking for a unique flavor, the manufacturing process behind this strain creates something extraordinary. 

The product quality behind GSC makes it suitable for medical marijuana treatments. Those who experience pain use it often for personal treatments. Of course, you'll want to talk to a doctor. Still, numerous customer experiences being positive is a good sign of quality consistency. 

There are also numerous variations like Platinum GSC and Thin Mint GSC. So if you want to buy Delta-8 THC online, this is a good starting point.


  • Pretty cost-effective compared to other strains
  • Sweet cookie flavors make it great for many people
  • Combines relaxing and euphoric feelings


  • Easy to confuse with multiple variations
  • Not great for those who don't want desert 

Strain #7: Tahoe OG (Indica) Strain - The Perfect Sleepy Strain

Delta 8 CBD Flower - Tahoe OG (Indica) | CBD Direct Solution

Tahoe OG Kush amplifiers the lazy, hazy feel that comes with the standard OG Kush. As a nighttime strain, this is an excellent Indica strain that assists those who have Insomnia. You might also use it for treatment against pain or as an appetite booster. 

It is named after being made at Lake Tahoe, California, during the 1980s. So unlike Azure Haze, this one has a much more defined origin story. 

It is known for having a lemon-based taste with mild notes of pine. Expect a somewhat earthy flavor in the most premium quality products among Tahoe OG.

Other than being helpful for sleep and a bit of creativity, Tahoe OG doesn't do much else. In its simplicity, it is one of the best Delta-8 CBD Strains available. 

How To Use Delta-8 Flowers (for Beginners)

Using Delta-8 THC is similar to using alternative varieties. So if you have experience using Delta-9, you will have no problems here. 

The simplest method is to take a flower grinder and rolling papers to create your pre-rolls.  Having a series of these sets before you start makes it effortless when you start. 

Having a pre-roll ready for you is one way to use hemp products with no effort for those weekends where you don't want to do anything. You can enhance your experience further with Delta-8 Flower Spray

To use a flower grinder, put a small amount of your product in and begin turning it. When all of the product falls through the available gaps, it is at a much more manageable size on the bottom of your grinder. 

Once you have the product ground, you can either put it in your rolling papers or load it into a glass bowl or bong. This is much like using any legal hemp flower in your state. 

Before you do so, be sure to consult your state's legal guidelines. Here at CBD Direct Solutions, we will not ship any product to states where the legality is not. 

Alternatives To Getting Delta-8 THC Flower

If you don't want to take the extra time to get your Delta-8 THC through flowers, we also have many premade products:

  • Delta-8 Pre Rolls & Blunts - Perfect for those not wanting to do the rolls themselves
  • Hempettes - Great if you are looking for a tight and pre-packed cigarette
  • Vape Carts - Awesome if you have a love for Delta-8 Vape Products. Also, you expect more intense flavors through this. 
  • Disposable Vape Pens - Great if you want to try out vaping for the first time and don't want to keep around the cartridges. 
  • Delta-8 Edibles and Gummies - Do you have a sweet tooth? Gummies and edibles are a great way to enjoy your Delta-8. Just be sure not to get too much. 
  • Dabs - Dabs are great if you are a veteran user of Delta-8 and alternative products. 
  • Shisha - For those looking for a tobacco substitute but still like the flavor, Delta-8 Shisha is a unique variety. 
  • Delta-8 Distillate - Distillate is perfect for people who are looking for pure cannabis oil extract. It contains no other ingredients but requires heating to use. 
  • Tinctures - Delta-8 Tinctures are great for putting under the tongue and getting a quick-acting effect.
  • Lean Syrup - It contains Delta-8 and is specifically made for people who have insomnia who need a little boost. 
  • Capsules - For those who prefer to take their Delta-8 products in a simple format. 


When it comes to the most incredible Delta-8 THC strain, our favorite is the classic OG Kush. The strain has expanded into Bubba OG Kush (Bubba Kush) and is used in many varieties. It is important to tip your hat to the legacy left behind. 

Of course, your priority might be to get a good energized feel, where Runtz might be more helpful. Regardless of what kind of experience you are looking for, this wide variety of Delta-8 Products will help you out. 

Check out our lineup to see what Delta-8 Flowers you can get. Thanks for reading!