Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen - Limited Gold Edition

Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen - Limited Gold Edition

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  • Limited Gold Smoke Tokes Edition
  • Pro-Style
  • 510 Thread for Cartridges or Direct Inhale
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Super Easy to Clean
  • Comes with Quartz Coil

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen is an advanced Delta-8 THC dab pen with an improved design. This vape pen stands out from the crowd with a unique design that's perfect for your needs.

The inner quartz coil heats up quickly to provide a clean flavor. It's food-grade, so you know these coils are safe. Coils are also easy to replace, making this device incredibly simple to handle. You can easily take it apart for cleaning. 

It's also compatible with 510 thread vapes, which makes it compatible with many battery types. That means if you have an older vape battery, this is a good vape pen for you.

If you want the ultimate in Delta-8 Products for dabbing, this vaporizer is at the head of the pack. Purchase this vape product today so you can have access to the limited edition design.