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  • Sugar Extrax | Best Budz - THCO+D9 Live Resin Disposable 2g each (twin pack) 4g in total
    Sugar Extrax - Best Budz THCO+D9 Live Resin Disposable Vapes - Purple Pineapple & Rainbow Belts 2g (Dual Pack) 4 grams in total | Sugar - THC-O+D9 Best Budz Live Resin Disposables (twin pack) | Best Budz - Purple Pineapple/Rainbow Belts 2 gram Disposable (2pk) | THCO plus Delta 9 Live Resin | THC-O with Delta 9 THC Live Resin Disposable | CBD Direct Solutions
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Sugar Extrax - Best Budz is the first of it's kind to add the legalized limit of Delta-9 THC into a smokable. Not only, are they the first, but they went even further by combining it with THCo live resin in a double pack of 2 gram each disposables. That's an insane, 4 grams in total of THC-O+Delta-9 live resin all compacted into a 2g disposable vape pen. You get 2 different flavors of THC Live Resin in each disposable. Live resins have some of the most flavorful tasting terps and the effects are earth shattering. 

Best Budz THCO+D9 Live Resin (dual Pack) of 4 gram disposables meets state requirements and are federally legal.