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When it comes to finding euphoric effects and immediate impacts, dabs will help you get there. Dabs are concentrated forms of cannabis made from extracting THC and other oils. In this case, the oils are HHC, which is known to be a reasonably low-potency option.

In higher dosages, you'll find these similar to Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC strains. Both of these have far more potency than HHC.

What are HHC Dabs Good For?

Knowing the relatively low potency of HHC, dabs from this are great for those immediate light effects. The result in more effective strains is excellent and prompts clear-headed effects. 

HHC is also known to be energy boosting with painkilling properties. This makes it ideal for a trip to the gym, but you should always consult medical professionals before using them for any treatment.

If you are looking for a sleepy high, you should stick with Indica strains. You can find these on our Delta-8 flower list, including gummies, prerolls, and other smokables.

Why CBD Direct Solutions is Your Spot for HHC Dabs

CBD Direct Solutions is the best place to buy HHC dabs online because we partner with those who emphasize quality. Regardless of what effects you prefer, we've got you covered, so check out our list of HHC products and try them out today.