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HHC Carts are the latest thing to hit the market. Through our partnership with Bearly Legal (and hopefully others), we are happy to provide some of the best HHC carts online.

If you want to buy HHC for Sale, CBD Direct Solutions LLC has you covered.

What is HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)?

HHC is a chemical found naturally in the seeds and pollen of cannabis plants. It has two additional hydrogen atoms, enabling a longer shelf life than Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC.

HHC's extra hydrogen atoms make it a hydrogenated form of THC. There is also some speculation that HHC has a higher potential to be absorbed than the less stable compound of THC.

What are the Effects of Hexahydrocannabinol?

When you buy HHC online, you'll find that the effects are similar to THC. Many people claim it to provide these feelings:
  • A matching head high (euphoria)
  • Pain reduction
  • Anti-nausea and vomiting
  • A changed heart rate and body temperature
  • A sedation effect (it makes you sleepy)
  • Psychoactive effects

Like Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC, HHC comes in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. There are also potential medical benefits in treating the immune system and cardiometabolic disorders. Consult a medical professional before using HHC to treat anything.

HHC effects are also known to bind to both the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. This means you can feel dual impacts, which might not be appealing to some users.

If you are looking specifically for euphoric head highs, greater focus, or sleepy feelings, stick with Delta-8, THCv, and THC-O variants that have more defined effects.

What Makes Hexahydrocannabinol Different From THC?

HHC is jokingly referred to as the "apocalypse cannabinoid" because of its ability to last quite a while. Its natural heat resistance ensures that its shelf life is much longer than both Delta-9 and Delta-8 counterparts.

Regardless, you'll never want to store any cannabinoid in a bright, damp, and open location. So THC isn't short-lived, but HHC is longer. 

Also, lab studies have found that a small amount of TCH can be converted to HHC when breaking down. This means HHC is comparatively easy to extract compared to some variants.

Is Hexahydrocannabinol Legal?

Because HHC is considered a non-THC variety, It isn't illegal in any state. Today, you can feasibly purchase it regardless of where you live.

However, if you want to buy HHC online, you will still need to provide a signature. You can find the best HHC carts here, but all smokables require a signature due to federal regulation.

Where to Buy HHC for Sale (Tanks, Carts, etc.)?

If you want to Buy HHC Online, the best source is through CBD Direct Solutions LLC. Our company offers a wide range of strains and flavors that will meet your needs.

Have You Tried The Best HHC Carts?

Stick around if you want to buy HHC for sale, as more products are continuously being released in this market. Expect our HHC cart list to grow, ensuring that you will never get bored as long as you stick around.

For the best HHC carts online, we have you covered.

Do HHC Carts Get You High?

Yes, HHC carts are known to get you high, similar to the standard cannabis range of products. The potent effects behind these can help ease pain, produce euphoria, and reduce nausea.

Be sure never to operate a motor vehicle or machinery when using these products. If using them for treatment, consult a medical professional.

How are HHC Carts Made?

HHC is made when two additional hydrogen atoms (over THC) connect to the chemical compound. You can do this in a lab, or it can be done naturally.

HHC is typically made when THC breaks down. So there is always a small amount of HHC when you smoke a product.

Are HHC Carts Safe?

HHC is considered federally legal due to being derived from hemp. However, this being a new drug, safety has yet to be entirely confirmed.

If you want to buy HHC online, it's always best to start slow. Take smaller dosages for the first week and pay attention to any changes you experience throughout the month.

Most users report HHC carts to have an effect similar to THC. So be sure to use them during weekends, late nights, and sleepy afternoons (depending on your preferred strain).

Will HHC Carts Show on a Drug Test?

HHC is not THC, so will it show up on a drug test? The answer is weak, but it is safe to assume that HHC will show up on a drug test.

Many HHC variants are contaminated with some form of THC (they come from the same plant), so there is a chance you could fail just based on this fact. However, pure HHC compound testing does not exist, so it's hard to tell.

It is safe to assume that existing drug tests will be able to detect similar chemical compounds.