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THC-O Flower - Runtz (Hybrid)

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Smoking THC-O CBD flower or pre-rolls is considered to be the psychedelic cannabinoid or the spiritual cannabinoid. People compare its psychedelic experience to peyote or "Super-Sativa" products. CBD Direct Solutions is happy to announce the best and strongest THC-O flower on the market.

The effects of cannabinoids vary significantly from person to person, but the impact of THC-O hemp flower can include: 

  • Psychedelic-like and spiritual high
  • Creativity
  • Strong buzz
  • Immersed 
  • Relaxation and restfulness
  • Happiness

THC-O smells and tastes like a regular strain but hits differently. It may take up to 30 minutes to feel the full effects, although you can usually feel the psychedelic effects earlier than that, and you can feel the euphoria and relaxation from THC-O from 1-5 hours.

Because of the difference between THC-O from Delta-9, any tolerance developed for Delta-9 does not affect THC-O consumption. However, because of the intensity of this compound, we recommended to start with a low dose. 

Once, you're ok with the amount, you can work your way up in intensity as you get a better feel for the potency. Remember that THC-O can take longer to feel the effects, so be sure to wait at least 30 minutes before smoking more.

THC-O Runtz Hemp Flower is an iconic blend of 50% indica and 50% Sativa, Runtz is smooth. It gives a gentle lift in mood with a relaxing and uplifting effect. By incorporating acetate into the THCO flower, where we're able to deliver a THC-O variety of strains like Runtz. This combo means a smooth high with the benefits of a deep and immersive experience.

Customer Reviews

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Rachael Luna
Great cbd thc-0

I always try the CBD delta eight but decided this time to try the THC-0 for the first time. I noticed a bit difference than the delta 8 on the flower. I did notice the thc-0 barely legal vape carts were by far better than delta 8.