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  • Ghost. | Shadow Blend Gummies | D6+THCa+Liquid Diamonds | 5000mL
    Ghost. - Raspberry Dragonfruit Gummies 5000mL | Ghost THCA Liquid Gummies 125 mL per piece | Ghost Shadow Blend Gummies - Raspberry Dragonfruit | Ghost Delta-6 THC Gummies | ghost. THCa Gummies | Ghost D6+THCA+Liquid Gummies 40 pieces per jar | CBD Direct Solutions
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Our THCA Liquid Diamond Gummy collection at CBD Direct Solutions has a world renowned blend of THCA diamonds plus live resins and incorporated the newly sought after ∆6 cannabinoid in some of the THCA gummy blends. These prodigious THCa gummies can range from 3500mg to 5000mg a container and 125mg-175mg per gummy. Try yours today!