CBD Flower - Lifter (Hybrid)
CBD Flower - Lifter (Hybrid)
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CBD Flower - Lifter (Hybrid)

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Lifter is known for its pain-killing and “uplifting” effects that has caused it to become a hemp staple for many.

A hybrid strain that pushes more to the sativa-dominant side with its energy-inducing effects, Lifter is dense and covered in frosty trichomes. There is no question of her strength as simply handling the nugs will cover your hands in her sticky goodness.

Genetics : Suver Haze #50 x ERB (Early Resin Berry)

Appearance: Lifter’s nugs almost seem dipped in powder at first glance. These sticky nugs are densely-packed and clearly evident is her hybrid nature as there is a mix of short and stocky leaves indicative of an indica and long, wispy ones that suggest sativa.

Smell: Lifter has often been described as having a fragrant wood smell, and she stays true to her roots while also offering aromas of sweet berry and pine.

Taste: Lifter’s taste is earthy and very slightly spicy. If you have the opportunity, vaporizing Lifter will yield much more taste than combusting.

Cannabinoid Profile:
CBDA 20.030%
CBD 1.173%
CBGA .676%
CBG .090%
CBC .109%
D9-THC .166% THCA .715%
Total Measured Cannabinoids 20.322%
Top 3 Terpenes β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Humulene
Terpene Profile:
beta-Myrcene .60%
beta-Caryophyllene .36%
alpha-Humulene .13%
alpha-Bisabolol .11%
alpha-Pinene .09%
Limonene .06%
Linalool .05%
Trans-Nerolidol .05%
beta-Pinene .04%
Guaiol .04%
Ocimene .03%
Total Measured Terpenes 1.57%

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