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    Delta 11 THC Products

    What is Delta-11 THC?

    Delta 11 THC also known as 11-hydroxy-THC which is produced during the digestion process of a gummy or edible that compounds the THC found in Delta-8 or Delta 9 THC into 11 Hydroxy THC. Edibles take longer to digest whereas smoking Delta-11 THC gets into your body stream much quicker and works as an isolate. We never suggest smoking 11-Hydroxy-THC if you’re a non-smoker.

    What is THCh/Tetrahydrocannabihexol?

    Tetrahydrocannabihexol AKA THCh is a very rare organic compound found in CBD hemp flowers. This newly founded cannabinoid is 10x stronger than THC and should not be taken lightly. Your body chemistry may not be used to the different high produced by THCh (tetrahydrocannabihexol) especially when blended with other strong cannabinoids. We suggest taking very small puffs when using any products with THCh in it.

    What is Delta-10 THC and Differences Between Delta-8 THC?

    Delta 10 THC comes from CBD hemp flower and compares to Delta-8 THC due the similarities on how they’re extracted. Delta-10 THC and Delta 8 differs within the process of the molecular compounds. In simple terms, Delta-10 is more like a Sativa and Delta-8 THC is more like an Indica.

    What is Live-Resin?

    Live Resin is extracted from all natural and organic freeze-dried CBD flowers. Live Resin is some of the most flavorful and dominant hemp extractions. The effects and taste are the closest thing to real THC.

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