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I have had gummies from Colorado before and these are a close compare. I ordered and received products within 48 hrs. The taste of the gummies are exactly what I expected, which was the taste of candy with a hint of herb taste. This is preferred for me because then I know at consumption that there is in fact herb inside. The effect was more than I was expecting so next time I'll only eat 1/2 which is what's recommended, to start with smaller doses. I was feeling quite yucky last night with a terrible headache, sore throat and some body aches. I could either take some Tylenol or give the gummies a try. The gummies were a success leaving no need to pills.


Amazing flower!!

Great looking flowers. The smell was on point with the taste love it. Can't wait to try other flowers.


Great quality flower!!

I love Blue Dream!

Sean A.

Just want to say thank you to Morgan for making sure to be as transparent as possible about the products and making sure every customer is treated like royalty. The delta 8 gummies have really made a difference in my daily activities & emotional well being. The taste & texture are great. I wish I would of found this product along time ago. I'll be ordering from CBD Direct Solutions frequently.☺️


I have been on pain & sleeping meds for 10+ years & have been unable to find anything else to take to get myself off them but. Morgan helped me out by explaining the type of product she felt I needed. I’ve been off all my sleeping & pain meds now for 3 wks. I’m actually sleeping better, not waking of groggy or still tired, my head & back pains relieved. Thx Morgan, you’re awesome!


Morgan was AMAZING! I had tons of questions and she spent so so much time speaking to me (without ever feeling rushed or dumb for asking. She always takes time to help.. No matter how busy she is. Plus the products are amazing. Been a repeat customer and will stay that way.


Oh my goodness where do I even begin!? It’s crazy I feel like I’ve known Morgan all my life! She is very passionate in making sure her customers are happy! Products are amazing! (Obviously) I’m happy to have found a company who actually cares about their customers, idk maybe I’m a little old school?! •Product is discreet •So informative of what the product contains etc. •Shipping is like ridiculously fast. Thank you so much!!


Great customer service. CBD Delta 8 & 9 edibles are amazing. Always a great and easy buying experience. I highly recommend 100%. Best CBD store in Houston hands down.


The best Delta 8 CBD in the city hands down.


This is the BEST place for all your CBD and Delta-8 needs!!! I send all my friends and family to CBD DIRECT SOLUTIONS for all their heady needs!!! Their site is easy to navigate and their shipping is exceptional!!! I wanna give a shout-out to my girl MORGAN!!! She is the best and will help you to the best of her capability!!!


I have never had a better experience with any company. I spoke with Morgan and she was the most helpful person I have ever spoken with. We talked for almost 45 minutes. Not only did she help address the issue, we just talked about anything and everything. Mrs. Morgan took the time to talk and more importantly listen. I am a medical retired Marine and Mrs. Morgan made me feel appreciated and important. I will only come the CBD Direct Solutions for all me needs. Their CBD product had worked wonders for me as far as my chronic lower back pain (Broken L4 IED Iraq 2006) and PTSD.

Big Dog

They are amazing! Their product is fantastic and their customer service is even better. I will be a lifelong customer.


There’s a reason they have 5 stars ONLY. Morgan helped me with understanding exactly what I was buying and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Highly recommend this company over any other company in Texas. Thank you for all the help!!!

Master Clipz

The folks are super knowledgeable, polite, and took time out of their day to take care of me. Their Delta 8 is the real deal, and the selection is amazing! Terpenes smell amazing, and this is by far the most potent Delta 8 I've had from anywhere. I 100% recommend them and will buy again! Thanks!


What an amazing experience! Morgan is very helpful and I will continue to shop from her. I’m so glad we have someone like her in Houston, kudos!


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