THCV, it's Effects, and How to Buy the Best THCv Products Online?

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THCV, its Effects, and How to Buy THCv Products Online?

Do not let the first 3 letters fool you. Although THCV and THC share several resemblances in molecular framework, both have fairly different properties. When activated at a high temperature (428°F), THCV can create a really short-lived psychoactive impact in contrast to THC's long-lasting high. It is a type of THC, simply a lot rarer. So, here's what you need to know about THCV.

Several of THCV's users reported impacts when taken in a concentrated, encouraged, active, and boosted. With little to no sedative results, THCV is the best cannabinoid for daytime usage. 

So, the question remains, does THCV make you feel high? The answer is, as always: it depends! THCV is a CB1 antagonist at a reduced dose, implying it closes down our CB1 receptors, actually bringing down a THC high. However, THCV is a CB1 agonist at greater dosages, meaning it does trigger a high, very distinctive one.

THCV's Effects

No Munchies Included 

The biggest question is, "Will this make me consume my whole fridge?" THCV has been reported to minimize and the munchies for hours at once! Global researchers found that THCV cuts hunger and boosts satiety (the sensation of being full). 

Radical Atoms

According to the research, THCV has the capacity to block CB1 receptors while activating CB2 receptors concurrently. With these radical properties, THCV has been said, to be a strong competitor to caffeine pills.

Is THCV Secure?

Appropriate application is crucial with THCV and all cannabinoids. THCV is generally well-tolerated at low doses, but greater doses could be troublesome for some people. To ensure that you are making use of THCV safely, you should purchase cannabis products from creditable CBD companies like, CBD Direct Solutions and always consult with your doctor before digesting or about any type of concerns.

How does THCV interact with cannabinoid receptors?

THCV is an antagonist (block) of CB1 receptors in low dosages and a partial agonist (activator, yet just slightly so) of CB1 receptors in high doses. This is why it has two different results. 

What about integrating THCV with other cannabinoids?

Reducing doses of THCV may reduce THC's period, while including greater doses might boost THC's psychoactive activity.

CBD and CBG, which do not engage with cannabinoid receptors straight, yet influence CB1 receptors' receptiveness to THC, may have see some changes in the effects due to the presence of small amounts of THCV.

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