Live Resin - How It is Made?

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What is Live Resin Extractions - How It is Made?

In this era of concentrates, there's one that covers the list for effectiveness: live resin. Unusually, this product is made from fresh cannabis flowers, keeping every one of the goodness in the living plant.

For cannabis lovers, live resin is about as potent and yummy as it can get. As a matter of fact, if your aim is to eat cannabis in such a way that maintains how it's located on the live plant, then this approach is difficult to defeat. Retaining as numerous terpenes and cannabinoids as feasible, the live resin removal process does really little damage to these extremely sought-after substances, implying you get a super-rich and flavorful item at the end of it.

Live resin is, as the name recommends, taken directly from freshly harvested flowers on the cannabis plant, instead of experiencing the drying out and treating procedure. Regardless of how well cannabis is dried out and curated, it's unavoidable that the process will certainly transform the chemical structure of the terpenes and cannabinoids within, affecting both strength and flavor consequently. For functional reasons, this is usually something we simply need to accept. You can not truly smoke fresh bud, extracting its components can be difficult for the layperson (as we'll see with this technique), and it can't be stored for very long. So, although live products are richer, do not deny old-time drying out and treating processes outright. 

That claim, by extracting resin straight from live cannabis plant product, the resulting concentrate bypasses the processes that break down dried out and treated buds, producing an excellent cannabis product.

However, making it isn't simple.

Making live resin isn't a specifically intricate procedure in itself, however it calls for some advanced devices that are costly and awkward in a home atmosphere. While it is technically feasible to execute at home, it's not actually an option for the majority of people and definitely not recommended. Leave it to the professionals.


  • Right after being harvested, the fresh buds need to be flash-frozen. This can't be done in a normal freezer, but something extra industrial that uses dry ice or liquid nitrogen. This process indicates the trichomes (resin-containing glands) come to be breakable and different from the plant issue much more quickly.
  • Like numerous cannabis concentrates, the following phase utilizes a solvent to separate the icy trichomes from the plant matter-- the distinction in this case being that the solvent itself is cooled to about-- 40 ℃, similar to the plant issue.
  • The solvent is then taken out from the final essence. This also happens at a very reduced temperature level.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you find the article informative. 

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