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Delta Extrax THCP Mai Tai Premium Disposable Vape Pen 1g

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Delta Extrax's platinum collection now includes THCP. Tetrahydrocannabiphorol or THCP, which is thirty times stronger than regular, is great for people looking for solid potency. 

The Mai Tai Premium Disposable Delta-8 THC is enriched with THCP, ensuring it enhances what is currently available. That way, it's more potent and more approachable to any smoking level. 

This combo platter leans towards the Sativa strain. This means you can expect more psychoactive effects. However, it leveled out to include more mellow properties. This mellowing ensures you get a well-balanced experience. 

Have you ever had a Mai Tai cocktail? Well, that's the flavor this is going for. Expect an excellent fruity flavor similar to the cocktail that it's named after. It's reminiscent of a summer drink with uplifting properties from the Sativa strain. However, it does incorporate some mellow properties that produce a well-balanced experience.


  • 1 gram disposable 
  • Rechargeable battery included (280 mAH)
  • You will need a USB Micro B charger cable 
  • Do not refill for your safety
  • A fully charged unit will have white light when in use and show no lights when plugged into any USB charger. 
  • When you are using it, a red light indicates that you need to charge it.
  • A white light while plugged in indicates you need to charge it more. 

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