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TRE House THCP Hybrid Live Resin Vape Carts - White Widow 1ml/1g

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Unleash the power of TRĒ House THCP Live Resin White Widow Vape Carts. These hemp-derived, hybrid, THCP vaporizer cartridges contain 1 gram of the highest potency of THCP Live Resin in each 1-milligram cart. White Widow THCP Live Resin will creep up on you; just don't let it bite you. The white-widowed effects of Trē House THCP carts will have you in a euphoric haze, daydreaming of climbing into your favorite treehouse, reminiscing about new beginnings, spiritual growth, and the purity of your greatest pastimes. Experience the Tre House THCP difference today!

White Widow THCP Live Resin Strain and Effects 

  • White Widow is a Sativa dominant hybrid that originated in the Netherlands with a crossbreeding of Brazilian-Sativa and South Indian-Indica strains. The effects may stimulate your creative side, including an energized chattiness and a giddy sensation. Great for the morning or mid-afternoon to give you an added boost of stimulation throughout your day. 

TRĒ House THCP Vape Cart Suggested Use

  • Take a small drag and wait until effects takeover 
  • If you are a heavy hitter with a higher tolerance, wait 30-45 min and take another puff
  • Sit Back and enjoy the ride
  • THCP carts are 510 thread battery compatible (battery not included)
  • Just screw on your favorite Tre House THCP cart and puff away
  • Once the Live Resin vape cart is empty, just throw the cart in the trash
  • Add your best and most flavorful THC cartridges to your rechargeable USB battery pen (not included) and you are ready to begin your cannabis adventure again


  • Hemp Derived THC-P, Hemp Extract Live Resin THC-P, Proprietary Terpene Blend 


  • May have psychoactive effects 
  • Causes Intoxication
  • Keep away from Pets and Children
  • DO NOT Drive or operate machinery 
  • Non FDA approved product 

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